We're proud pioneers in creating places people love

Through placemaking we innovate spaces that drive visitors to return time and time again. Our strategic approach prioritises the consumer’s demands, and it’s how we’ve helped landlords and developers define the future of retail and public centres. Working with everyone from Belfast Victoria Square, and independent shopping sites in Ireland to leading developments like Westfield London and city-centre rejuvenation projects like Liverpool One, we’ve moulded destinations that reshape the public sphere.

"Venue Lab’s Managing Director has very successfully managed this property since November 2008. All the events have been planned with careful consideration of the planning application and sensitive to the fact that the restaurant is in a residential area."

The key to crafting the success of a space?


When a site seamlessly interweaves with the consumer’s own world, it becomes a must-visit destination. Whether a space becomes a daily part of audiences’ lives or develops into the go-to spot for memorable experiences, we activate long-lasting consumer relationships.


Working with your research or uncovering insights that help you define your space and its future success, our experienced team ensure every touchpoint helps to create a destination’s unique identity.


From signage to the physical environment, experiential activations, digital and social marketing to sourcing the right investment, we know exactly how to put your space on the map and make it stay in the consumer conscience.

Why not take a look at how we create spaces that speak to communities and provide everyone with impactful experiences?

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